Booking Dj From Mars
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Dj From Mars


Dj From Mars



Dj From Mars is an Italian Dj and production team, composed of Max Aqualuce (born August 3, 1979 in Turin) and Luca Ventafunk (born February 29, 1976 in Turin). They are known for their mash-ups of popular songs turned into electro dance music.
The duo produced a few song getting correct airplays over Italy such as “Non Dormo Piu”, “Dirty Mary” and “Don’t Give Up”. Among their discreet releases, it is not until they started releasing bootlegs and mash-up, that audience attraction’s turned to them. Their particularity is the ability of mixing actual songs to old success to turn it into an electronic music track. Along their remixes and bootlegs, Djs From Mars released in 2011 their first single in 2 years, entitled “Insane (In Da Brain)” with the singer Fragma, licensing it in over 15 countries.
Lady Gaga featured their bootlegs of “Metallica vs Lady Gaga” on Twitter. Their productions are frequently featured by YouTube and the duo went over the 10 millions views on their channel and reached the 100.000 fans mark on their Facebook fan page in May 2012
Famous for wearing cardboard boxes on their heads while playing live, they performed at a number of night clubs and events over the world including Europe, USA, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Canada, and China. Most notable one was the opening for Tiesto in Atlantic City in March 2011. Pubblicano anche “Somewhere Above The Clouds” e per la prima volta entrano nella classifica mondiale di Billboard Dance Chart. Nel 2018 pubblicano anche amegamashup per David Guetta, mescolando tutti i suoi più grandi successi in 8 minuti. Il dj francese piace molto e rilascia il mashupon il suo canale YouTube ufficiale.Il 2019 sembra già pieno di grandi novità per gli alieni, una nuova era è appena iniziata ……